Bankruptcy FAQ

Q. Why do I need credit counseling if I am filing for Bankruptcy?
A.The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 mandates counseling and education for all individuals filing for bankruptcy. This must be done through a U.S.Trustee-approved non-profit credit counseling agency. A certificate of completion for both the pre-file counseling and the pre-discharge education class must be obtained from the counseling agency.

Q. What qualifies CCCS of MD & DE to offer this counseling?
A. Consumer Credit Counseling Service of MD and DE (CCCS) is certified nationally by EOUST to provide pre-file bankruptcy credit counseling and pre-discharge education. We would welcome the opportunity to provide consumers with effective, reliable pre-file bankruptcy credit counseling. Our team of certified counselors is trained to listen and to offer competent advice in helping you through this most trying of times.

CCCS of MD & DE is a nonprofit community service organization that has served citizens since 1966. During that time, CCCS has helped millions of individuals and families resolve their money management problems; we've also provided free financial literacy education to children and adults throughout both States.

Q. What is covered during the counseling session?
A. The counselor will discuss the various reasons for filing bankruptcy and provide a bankruptcy overview. You will explore alternatives, if available, and talk about the consequences of bankruptcy.

Q. What geographic area does CCCS of MD & DE cover?
A CCCS of MD & DE is certified by EOUST to provide pre-file bankruptcy counseling in all states except: Alabama, North Carolina and Rhode Island  While we offer in-person counseling at our locations in Maryland and Delaware, counseling by telephone is available in all other states.
Click Here to establish an appointment and initiate Pre-File Bankruptcy counseling.

If you have already completed pre-file bankruptcy counseling, have your bankruptcy case number and would like more information about how you may take advantage of the required Pre-Discharge Bankruptcy Education Counseling Class through CCCS of MD & DE, Inc, Click Here.

Note: We can only issue a certificate if you have filed in one of the Districts in which we are certified. You must provide your bankruptcy case number to receive your certificate.

Approved to issue certificates evidencing completion of a personal financial management course in compliance with the Bankruptcy Code. Approval does not endorse or assure the quality of a Provider’s services.